The Vice President and General Manager Mr. Hector L. Naturilla, one of a Network Real Estate Seller, the founder and author of Hezekiah Land Realty Co. Ltd., came a part of Real Estate Industry since 1992. By the edge of a boost Real Estate Industry, he came to realize on the third time to have an independent realty firm, created, designed and lead the team and partnered with an outstanding formerly sales marketing manager in insurance industry the President and CEO (REB), Ms. Virginia C. Yu. The meticulous, the consideration are all they got to have an awesomeness real estate path. Hezekiah Land Realty Co. Ltd. was founded in the year 2011. Its famous company profile become very aggressive, assist and excellent in providing an elegant modern home lifestyle. Part of that we have a several accredited brokers and real estate sales persons to assist you to find your better home.

Hezekiah Land Realty.com is one of the best places to buy Real Estate Properties. Our main efforts are to provide you with updated listings of all Real Estate Property.

We strive to be different to others in our market and go the extra mile when it comes to personal and professional client / investor service. Key to providing as comprehensive support as possible, are our alliances with professional working partners, providing the latest market news, finance solutions and legal advice.

Our promise is to accompany our clients every step of the way, whether buying, selling or renting, from the first inquiring phone call, right through to the moment they pick up their keys, and in some cases beyond that too.

10 Reasons Why Invest in Cebu and with your Hezekiah Land Realty
– Realty Firm Partner

  1. Cebu is not just a promise or potential. Cebu has demonstrated capability with an excellent economic track record.
  2. Cebu is the second largest city and the fastest growing economy in the Philippines.
  3. Cebu enjoyed an export growth rate for the past 5 years and has averaged close to 20% considerably higher than that of the country and any other province in the Philippines .
  4. Cebu leads the country in export items such as furniture, fashion accessories, gifts, toys and house wares.
  5. Cebu is the most accessible place in the Philippines, with more domestic air and sea linkages than Manila.
  6. Cebu is base to over 80% of inter-island shipping capacity in the Philippines.
  7. Cebu is the tourism gateway for the Central and Southern Philippines.
  8. Cebu has one of the best records for peace & order in the country.
  9. Cebu has a labor force that is oriented towards non-agricultural lines and is one of the most productive in the country.
  10. Cebu development of its infrastructure is balanced; it has all the ingredients necessary to be competitive and to sustain investments. It is a cosmopolitan area with all the support facilities and amenities for an ideal lifestyle.


We are specializing all aspects of real estate sales and marketing, and offer a personalized style of Hezekiah Land Realty services. We deal a large number of clients / investors and work with them throughout the entire process of securing a piece of real estate in Cebu Philippines.